My first…

Halloween mani!!! I have been trying to post this since the beginning of the month, I live in the country and I don’t get high speed Internet and the cell service is shody!!! So, I’m going to attempt it again.
I started with Sinful Colors Cloud 9, the only photo I got was of 2 coats but had to use 3 and it was still slightly sheer.


I have such an issue making decisions. I wanted to do a crackle on the orange because just orange washed my coloring out. I wanted to do black but had gotten this awesome kit from my local Walgreens.

This kit was only $4.99!!!!!! The black is awesome and the crackles work better than my OPI crackle!!! So, I couldn’t decide whether to use the silver crackle from this kit or my Black Shatter from OPI. So, I decided to do both! I wanted to do half black and half silver. Then I, of course, wanted to make things more difficult so I wanted to do the silver half on top on every other finger. Not my brightest idea because in addition to making my first Halloween mani I decided to start on my right hand first. I did this because it takes me HOURS to do my mani’s because I put off doing my right hand because my non-dominant hand is real stupid! So back to my half crackle escapade. I used a straight french mani sticker for my line. Then I thought to myself, I’ll do all the silver, top on one bottom on the next, remove the sticker let dry and then add the black crackle. I did NOT think this through. Having to put the black crackle on the bottom of my nail without making it clumpy or covering the silver was HARD! I chalk this whole mani up to a learning experience. Hah!

I had wanted to do a candy corn mani and did feel like it would be too much on all my nails so I used it as an accent nail. It turned out incredible!!!

Here it is all together.


Then, I realized that candy corn isn’t shiny. So, I matted the candy corn nail and fell completely in love with this mani!!!


Not only did I have a dumb moment when doing this mani, with the crackling, but I have now figured out how to post from the WordPress app and get my photos to post within my post. I’m reeeeeeal smart! Haha! It’s been a real trial this month! 😉
I have another Halloween mani I’m going to try and post before Halloween ends today, but I do have to work so November may carry some of the Halloween fun with it.
Happy Halloween!!!!


My nail life has ended…

Well at least for awhile. I was working on another project, one I’m real excited about, and I ended up chipping some of my Halloween mani off!!! So sad. What made it worse?! I realized I had actually broken my nail… Wayyyyy below the quick. O man!!! It’s so sore and now I don’t know what to do with them! 😦


Spiders and Webs OH MY!

I have been insanely busy lately, and that trend is looking to continue for a couple months but I will post when I get chance. And of course my girl, Coral, will be here to prop up my lack of posts with her awesomeness.

Here is my Halloween nails from last week, they didn’t last too long unfortunately which was the result of nail breakage.

Started with these:

And a dotting tool.

Base coat + black on 4 nails, orange on the ring finger.  Dotting tool to somewhat create this:

I am not a painter, nor an artist but I was very happy!

If I can’t post again by then … HAPPY HALLOWEEN EVERYONE!!!

~Ashtree ❤

Some questions.

Please forgive me for my cluelessness, is that even a word?! Anyway, I’ve read so many things about nail polish swaps and how awesome they are! I’ve tried my hand at google to try and figure out to get involved with one and what exactly it entails. No such luck. These must be a part of the”Nail Polish Underground”!!!
I’m so interested in polishes that I can’t get here in the States. Nothing in particular, just stuff I wouldn’t know about otherwise.
Any tips on how to get involved, where to look, who to talk to?! I will thank anyone who is of assistance now! THANK YOU!!! 🙂

P.S. This was inspired by the Twinsie Tuesday post I saw from Rachel at Top Coat It

First Stamping Attempt… Horrible, just horrible

This will be quick because one I’m doing this on my phone and the uploads are weird… Or I can’t figure them out and 2 I just had a long trip to CO that included my first flight ever and a road trip back to OH with Ashtree and I have to head back to work tomorrow. Woo!
So, I had purchased some stamping plates. I love them. However, they are pretty intricate and I’m a total noob! I wanted to do a pink manicure for Breast Cancer Awareness month. I lost my Granny to breast cancer 16 years ago.
I used Essie’s lovie dovie. It’s a baby pink. I had to use 3 coats. It was a thicker polish and when I did the second coat I had some bare spots. 3 coats was perfect. Then I topped it with Seche Vite because I read that you could wipe off any mistakes if you top coat your polish. It didn’t work for me but I very well could be clueless. After the top coat I used konad’s white “special” polish with a stamping plate I got on amazon from cheeky. The detail of the stamp came through on my left hand but I couldn’t seem to get the placement right as you can see in the pictures. My right hand is ridiculous! Not only am I off on the placement but this hand got smudgy!
All in all these were human error nothing to do with what I used. I love the idea, all the different things I see others doing but I definitely need to keep practicing.
Side note: I’ve painted my nails twice since getting home today at around 2…. I’m leaving this crap on for work tomorrow! Rock on, Nail Girl, Rock on!!!





Halloween Faces

I finally got my delivery of dotting tools and detail brushes.  So here is my first attempt at using them.  As you can see from the first picture I used A LOT of polishes and tools for this look but ultimately it could be done with far less; however, the tools do make it a bit easier.  And for 11 dollars on Amazon (with rushed shipping) I got three different detail brushes (size 000, 00, and 0) and 5 dotting tools (so total 10 different sizes).

I started with a base coat, and then used all different colors on each hand.  Some colors took one coat, some took 3, so just as long as you are happy with the coverage that doesn’t matter much.

From there I put a bit of the black polish on the plate and took my 000 brush and got a bit of polish, and drew the lines for the mouth.  From there I used a bigger dotting tool to make the eyes, and a small dotting tool for the nose. I let the black dry, then used a small dotting tool for the white part of the eyes.  Dry, topcoat.

Ultimately this was quite time consuming, mostly due to drying times, but it was actually pretty easy. You can see the eyes and mouths are not perfect but I still really like the outcome.

After the fact edit:  I got my hands on some Seche Vite top coat and used it on top of the not so good top coat I had used.   If you do not use Seche Vite I recommend it highly.  It’s available at Ulta and Sally’s Beauty (and at some Wal-Marts apparently, although not at one near me).

My Eyeballlllsssss!

So, I have literally been trying to post my first Halloween nails for DAYS!!!! My country Internet is horrible!!! So, I moved on… No worries I’ll post it this month, at some point!
My daughter had a Halloween party today so these nails worked out perfectly!!
I started out with a white base of White one White from China Glaze. Then I used a green and red striping polishes. And I also used Liquid Vinyl OPI for the pupil.
This was fairly easy. I actually used French tip stickers to help shape the colored part of the eye. I tried free handing it first and while it worked it was much less frustrating to use the tip stickers.
I must say I’m happy with the results!