Alphabet of Polish – “A” is for Armed and Ready and Annie

So, I’ve been lacking nail ideas lately. I decided I would go through the alphabet with my nail polishes, using either the name of the polish or the actual color. Today I have 2 “A” polishes for you.

The first “A” polish I have is Essie’s Armed and Ready. This is a gorgeous color in the bottle, an olive green with gold shimmer. So cute. However, it didn’t translate to the nail as pretty.




While I liked Armed and Ready I wanted to at least get 1 good blue mani in before the end of January. I supported Julep during their January Blues for Human Trafficking Awareness but I wanted my nails to support it too. So I used Annie from Julep and Essie’s Good as Gold for the accent feather.



I absolutely love Annie and I got tons of compliments on it. However, I am coming to realize how horrible I am at doing ANYTHING with my left hand. The difference is pretty disgusting. I guess I need to find some left hand training exercises so that it can be a little smarter! Haha!

Before Sunday I will be posting my “B” nails, they of course work out for the Super Bowl! I tried Julep’s new Freedom TopCoat. I was sooo excited for it. However, I painted my nails last night and today had 3 nails that has chipped. I found a way to touch them up and am trying the topcoat again, I hope it works…



January Blues

In light of January being Human Trafficking Awareness Month, I decided to try and do as many mani’s with blue as possible.   Here are the various mani’s I managed to create.   On to February with pinks, reds, hearts, and candy!

IMG_1543 IMG_1549 IMG_1571 IMG_1582 IMG_1587

This may be a “yay!!” Moment!!

So, I repainted my nails on Monday, I used China Glaze’s Unpredictable from the Bohemian Collection. It’s super cute, however, as always for me I had an issue with a ding or two and a few air bubbles. I had a real issue with some air bubbles when I used one of my Julep blues for Human Trafficking awareness this month. I had to take it off the next day. I read some tips and the bubbles were a lot better this round.

I decided to give Zoya’s base and top coats another try. You never know, it most definitely could be user error.

I am just now starting to get some tip wear!!! I’m so excited! Well, it’s a reserved excited because it has only been one mani that has worked perfectly so far. I’m going to try it again and I’m gonna hope it works just as well!

Here’s Unpredictable… A blue green gold chrome…




Hope you all are doing well. I’ll be glad to have next week over… As my new iPhone case says, Keep Calm and Paint Your Nails!! Thank you Julep.


My Quest Continues…

I, of course, jumped on the Zoya 3 free polishes that went on at the beginning of the month. I went ahead and did the free shipping on orders of $25+. I made sure that I included their base and top coat!

A couple of days ago I tested the base coat, Dita, Crystal, and the top coat. Now, I will say the top coat seems to have worked really well on Crystal. I have very little tip wear on it. However, on Dita I had tip wear the night I painted it. So frustrating. I’m beginning to wonder if I’ll ever be able to get 3 days out of my mani’s…

Here are the beauties! I LOVE LOVE LOVE Crystal.



Dita is a pretty berry color. I thought it may be more red than what it came out. Crystal is a full coverage glitter. It’s base glitter is a pretty blue and it has gold flecks through out it. It’s gorgeous!!

I’m testing the top coat again in hopes that it was just a fluke. Haha! I’ll have another one or two of my Zoya polishes to post in the next day or two! Woo!



I bought several new polishes last week and finally got around to swatching them all.   Good thing about a couple of these, they were on clearance at Ulta!! So if you are a penny pincher (or just despise that nail polish is so expensive sometimes) you may be able to catch a few of these colors on sale!!!


China Glaze “Yellow Polka Dot Bikini”  It’s a bright bright bright neon yellow, this picture (tweaked an all) doesn’t really show it’s true color, but I will say it takes LOADS of coats to get it to even look streaky like this. But it’s great for design work.


China Glaze “Beach Cruise-r”.  This hot pink has pretty solid coverage, little to no streaking, and comes out quite glossy.


OPI Liquid Sand Mariah Carey collection “Can’t Let Go”.  This is a textured polish that specifically says “no topcoat”.  I really like the way it shines and glitters.  It’s a beautiful color even with just two skimp coats, however with more coats it would be a killer polish. Only foreseeable problem is that fuzz will stick to the texture I’m sure.


Nicole by OPI “All is Glam, All is Bright”.  This is from the Kardashian holiday collection.  I adore this color, the red, silver, and blue micro is beautiful.  This photo was taken with just two light coats.  Love this full coverage glitter!


China Glaze “Ride the Waves”.  This blue takes 2-3 coats to get it even but it’s ultimately a gorgeous blue.  Which is perfect for this month, as it is Human Trafficking Awareness  month which is marked with blue!  So keep an eye out for more blue mani’s and something special!

❤ Ashtree ❤

Stuff n’ mani

1. My previous mani (the red and matte black) lasted 4 days before I chipped one big time. Which I was okay with because I was ready to do my nails again.

2. I have read a few reviews and now have used Orly’s Bonder base coat 3 times.  These are a couple bad things I read: stains nails, doesn’t prevent staining, causes nail peeling, and lacks staying power.  With that noted, I have had none of those problems.  My nail peeling has actually stopped, I haven’t had any staining problems, and with the right top coat (aka … not seche vite sadly) it has led to my longest lasting mani. So this is a prime example that each person has their own chemistry and some products work well while others do not.

3. Husbands choice mani.  I couldn’t decide, so husband told me what colors and what to do.  I love it.. it’s very circus-y, spring-y, and fun.  I don’t really think it requires too much explanation, different colors with the other colors polka dots. I just used various sized dotting tools.  Stuck with the Bonder base and Polishield top coat.   Pictures are not great but you get the point.


My cat photobombed me. 😀 haha

4.  Sometime in the next several days, I will be swatching 5 new polishes I bought.  3 of them were on clearance and just colors I needed, and the other two are brand new awesomeness.  Keep an eye out!

Much Love

❤ Ashtree ❤