Alphabet of Polish – E

I can not even begin to tell you how very excited I was to get to letter “E” so that I could try Evangeline that came in my Cupid Mystery Box from Julep. I had heard originally that Evangeline was the mystery Holo that was claimed to be included in some of the boxes but then I read, somewhere on the Interwebs I unfortunately can’t remember where, that the poster had contacted Julep and was told it was a misprint that there wasn’t actually a mystery Holo going out.

So… I’ll give my take on it. I think this was what they were portraying as a holo and got horrible feedback that it wasn’t very holo and had to cover their hind ends.

Evangeline gives a slight holo appearance in the right light. It is nowhere near what most other holos are. However, it is still absolutely gorgeous. I mean I LOVE it. I even felt like my nails were glowing when I was wearing it. I got tons of compliments on it. I can not wait to wear this again!’

Now for the good stuff!

Please ignore my polish-free ring finger… For some weird reason there was a hole in my polish so I took it off and redid it quickly. This polish dries so quickly that it was no problem to redo it to be completely happy with this mani.


You can kind of see the holo in these 2 pictures. It’s pretty just not over the top holo.

I am in love with this color. I really can’t wait to use it again for a good solid easy mani.

I got Ulta’s new ad… They had their Ulta brand items on sale, buy 2 get 2 free. Eek! I was so excited. A chance to get new polish. Sold. I made a trip. I mean, I had no ideas for my second “E” mani and I didn’t have any pastel polishes to make what would appear to be eggs. So the mission was on. I probably looked like a little weird-o looking at all the polish names trying to find one that started with the letter “E”. I found some though. Before I get to the mani I want to show you the underlying reason I went. On the front of the Ulta catalogue was OPI’s new Euro Collection. I fell in love with one of them. I am lucky to have gotten it because there were only a couple left when I went in. I’ll show you that one first.

20130306-150912.jpg!!! I can not wait to use this either!!! O my!! I love it!!!

I also found OPI’s Designer Series in Extravaganza. The swatches I’ve seen online are gorgeous. I can’t wait to use this one either. I just had a slightly more exciting mani planned. But here’s Extravaganza in all it’s glory, well all the glory my little iPhone camera could catch.

This is exciting also. Hopefully I’ll find a way to wiggle this into a different letter of the alphabet. If not, it’ll be one of the first ones I use after I’m done.

So now that you’re bored to death… Behold my 2nd “E” mani. I love it!!!

I started with Ulta’s Eye Popping Poppy and tipped it with Ulta’s Envy. Super cute but my brain started churning…



Eep!! So excited! I had seen this strawberry mani this past summer and hasn’t gotten around to doing it. It SO put me in the Spring mood. So fun!

Now, a couple of announcements… I got myself a new camera… A Nikon D5100… I’ve had a dSLR before and was in love. I can’t wait to start taking pictures again. Of course, I will be testing out taking photos of my mani’s so you’ll have to bear with me while I test things out. Second, as much as my last “E” mani put me in the Spring mood, in Ohio it’s Sprinter… It should be Spring but we have 7+ inches of snow on the ground. I work until 5AM and seriously felt like I would end up a victim of the White Plague this morning. Needless to say I made it home, even if it took an hour and 15 minutes more than normal.

I hope that you are all enjoying your week! Hopefully, on Saturday you’ll see the “F” post from me… I’ve got a lot going on at work but this is still a priority.



2 thoughts on “Alphabet of Polish – E

  1. 9 to 5 Nails says:

    Cute strawberries!!

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