Super Bowl Water Mani

It is Super Sunday!


This was my first attempt ever at a water mani.  I used the “spray” “torn” or “hole” method, whatever you want to call it.

I used room temperature distilled water, dropped 3-5 drops of the color in, and then sprayed it with nail polish remover, dipped (slowly at a bit of an angle) my taped finger in.  Used the end of a paintbrush to collect the extra color then slowly pulled my nail out. As you can see, the gold on red didn’t work quite as well.  The gold didn’t really do what I wanted in the water, but I stuck with it because.. well I’m lazy lol.

I chose the colors to match the teams playing in today’s Super Bowl, I have zero attachment to either team so I went with both 🙂

❤ Ashtree ❤


Alphabet of Polish – “B” is for ball and Baltimore

I hate to start this post off negatively but I’m going to have to. I am so disappointed in Julep’s new Freedom topcoat. I was so excited to try it with all it’s build up however I was left feeling extremely disappointed.

I did my nails on Wednesday evening. Thursday early afternoon I had to take my daughter to the doctor while there I looked down and saw that 3 of my nails had chips on them. Then I reached into my back pocket and a big chunk of polish lifted off my ring finger.



So, I came home and did some patch work. Fixed the chips the best I could and did another 2 layers of topcoat in hopes that this would protect my mani until the Super Bowl.

Here’s the mani:


This is my 49ers hand. I used Essie’s Good as Gold for my base and then added Julep’s Petra on top to do my Saran Wrap technique.


This is my Ravens hand. I used China Glaze’s White on White for my base and I put Sinful Colors Let’s Talk on top to do my Saran Wrap Technique.

Now obviously this is before cleanup, so for that I apologize. I did have some issues with taking my base layer off as well. This has been a rather frustrating mani. On my middle finger accent I used Revlon’s Hot for Chocolate and China Glaze’s White on White for my football laces.

Here it is all cleaned up.


As you can see in my Ravens hand, my thumb now has a big chip and the Freedom topcoat has caused enough shrinkage to lift my polish. I just can’t believe how disappointing this topcoat is

Unfortunately because of the issues I have with this mani I’m going to have to change it before the Super Bowl even comes on.

My quest continues for my perfect topcoat. Coming up next… “C”… What to do, what to do?


Alphabet of Polish – “A” is for Armed and Ready and Annie

So, I’ve been lacking nail ideas lately. I decided I would go through the alphabet with my nail polishes, using either the name of the polish or the actual color. Today I have 2 “A” polishes for you.

The first “A” polish I have is Essie’s Armed and Ready. This is a gorgeous color in the bottle, an olive green with gold shimmer. So cute. However, it didn’t translate to the nail as pretty.




While I liked Armed and Ready I wanted to at least get 1 good blue mani in before the end of January. I supported Julep during their January Blues for Human Trafficking Awareness but I wanted my nails to support it too. So I used Annie from Julep and Essie’s Good as Gold for the accent feather.



I absolutely love Annie and I got tons of compliments on it. However, I am coming to realize how horrible I am at doing ANYTHING with my left hand. The difference is pretty disgusting. I guess I need to find some left hand training exercises so that it can be a little smarter! Haha!

Before Sunday I will be posting my “B” nails, they of course work out for the Super Bowl! I tried Julep’s new Freedom TopCoat. I was sooo excited for it. However, I painted my nails last night and today had 3 nails that has chipped. I found a way to touch them up and am trying the topcoat again, I hope it works…


This may be a “yay!!” Moment!!

So, I repainted my nails on Monday, I used China Glaze’s Unpredictable from the Bohemian Collection. It’s super cute, however, as always for me I had an issue with a ding or two and a few air bubbles. I had a real issue with some air bubbles when I used one of my Julep blues for Human Trafficking awareness this month. I had to take it off the next day. I read some tips and the bubbles were a lot better this round.

I decided to give Zoya’s base and top coats another try. You never know, it most definitely could be user error.

I am just now starting to get some tip wear!!! I’m so excited! Well, it’s a reserved excited because it has only been one mani that has worked perfectly so far. I’m going to try it again and I’m gonna hope it works just as well!

Here’s Unpredictable… A blue green gold chrome…




Hope you all are doing well. I’ll be glad to have next week over… As my new iPhone case says, Keep Calm and Paint Your Nails!! Thank you Julep.


My Quest Continues…

I, of course, jumped on the Zoya 3 free polishes that went on at the beginning of the month. I went ahead and did the free shipping on orders of $25+. I made sure that I included their base and top coat!

A couple of days ago I tested the base coat, Dita, Crystal, and the top coat. Now, I will say the top coat seems to have worked really well on Crystal. I have very little tip wear on it. However, on Dita I had tip wear the night I painted it. So frustrating. I’m beginning to wonder if I’ll ever be able to get 3 days out of my mani’s…

Here are the beauties! I LOVE LOVE LOVE Crystal.



Dita is a pretty berry color. I thought it may be more red than what it came out. Crystal is a full coverage glitter. It’s base glitter is a pretty blue and it has gold flecks through out it. It’s gorgeous!!

I’m testing the top coat again in hopes that it was just a fluke. Haha! I’ll have another one or two of my Zoya polishes to post in the next day or two! Woo!