First Attempt At Stamping

DSC_0285 DSC_0282 DSC_0287 DSC_0286

I’m officially addicted. I will be stamping like crazy in the upcoming weeks but this is my first ever attempt.  I think it turned out really well.  🙂

❤ Ashtree ❤


Super Bowl Water Mani

It is Super Sunday!


This was my first attempt ever at a water mani.  I used the “spray” “torn” or “hole” method, whatever you want to call it.

I used room temperature distilled water, dropped 3-5 drops of the color in, and then sprayed it with nail polish remover, dipped (slowly at a bit of an angle) my taped finger in.  Used the end of a paintbrush to collect the extra color then slowly pulled my nail out. As you can see, the gold on red didn’t work quite as well.  The gold didn’t really do what I wanted in the water, but I stuck with it because.. well I’m lazy lol.

I chose the colors to match the teams playing in today’s Super Bowl, I have zero attachment to either team so I went with both 🙂

❤ Ashtree ❤


I bought several new polishes last week and finally got around to swatching them all.   Good thing about a couple of these, they were on clearance at Ulta!! So if you are a penny pincher (or just despise that nail polish is so expensive sometimes) you may be able to catch a few of these colors on sale!!!


China Glaze “Yellow Polka Dot Bikini”  It’s a bright bright bright neon yellow, this picture (tweaked an all) doesn’t really show it’s true color, but I will say it takes LOADS of coats to get it to even look streaky like this. But it’s great for design work.


China Glaze “Beach Cruise-r”.  This hot pink has pretty solid coverage, little to no streaking, and comes out quite glossy.


OPI Liquid Sand Mariah Carey collection “Can’t Let Go”.  This is a textured polish that specifically says “no topcoat”.  I really like the way it shines and glitters.  It’s a beautiful color even with just two skimp coats, however with more coats it would be a killer polish. Only foreseeable problem is that fuzz will stick to the texture I’m sure.


Nicole by OPI “All is Glam, All is Bright”.  This is from the Kardashian holiday collection.  I adore this color, the red, silver, and blue micro is beautiful.  This photo was taken with just two light coats.  Love this full coverage glitter!


China Glaze “Ride the Waves”.  This blue takes 2-3 coats to get it even but it’s ultimately a gorgeous blue.  Which is perfect for this month, as it is Human Trafficking Awareness  month which is marked with blue!  So keep an eye out for more blue mani’s and something special!

❤ Ashtree ❤

Happy New Years

So for the past several weeks I have had it in my head that I was going to try my hand at the splatter mani.  While hubby and I decided to stay in for the night I still did my nails.  They didn’t turn out exactly like what I seen in my head (rarely does anything) but I still really liked the final product.

I used a Orly’s Bonder as the base coat so I am interested to see how well this mani wears (THANKS MOM!).  I used a Sinful Colors pearly white as the base color, which took several coats and still never came out completely smooth.  From there I used a color repellant chap stick like thing around my nail, which I originally bought to put around my hairline when I dye my hair. Then enlisted my husband to help me tape up my fingers for added protection.   Then I used a regular drinking straw, dipped the ends in polish, and blew it on my nails.  It was messy and some nails were just a flop (as you can see).  I then proceeded to untape, top coat, dry, and then scrub and clean the epic mess on my hands with cuticle clippers and soap.  It was indeed a process but the final product is pretty neat.


Splatter mani tips I have learned and will apply to my next attempt:

1. Try it with coffee straws… the smaller diameter will more than likely reduced the likelihood of the giant coverage spots.

2. I may very well consider cutting the fingertips out of some rubber gloves then just taping off the rest.. MUCH easier.

❤ Ashtree ❤

Month of Nails

It has been a mad house around here the past month or so.  While I did keep my nails painted, I didn’t ever get the chance (or lets face it.. motivation) to blog them.  So I decided I would just throw a picture of each mani up with little to no explanation. HA so here we go…

Tape Mani

photo 2

photo 3

This was from a night that my husband and I went Cosmic Bowling.  While the glowing nails was a bit of a distraction, I thought it was really cool. 🙂

photo 4

photo 5

photo 1

photo 3


Happy Holidays to All!! ❤ Ashtree ❤

Galaxy… because hot mess doesn’t sound good.

Now that I have been reunited with my big box of nail stuff, I decided to try out something new.  A galaxy mani… note the word TRY in there.

I started with Orly repairing base coat because my nails are a wreck lately.  I moved on to Butter London’s Union Jack Black.  From there I dipped my sponge in each color and dabbed it around over the black, there really wasn’t much method to my madness, I just put it on there. Haha.   From there I used a dotting tool to make a few white dots, which were technically supposed to be stars.. HA.  I used purple and blue glitter polish over it all, finished with Seche Vite top coat.



Now in person these look pretty neato… but I made my second mistake when I asked my husband to take pictures with his new fancy camera and macro lens.  Pshhh… what was I thinking?  Blurry, far away pictures made my nails look MUCH better hahaha.