I fibbed… Another “B” polish

My last post told you all I was moving on to “C” for my alphabet mani’s, however, an awesome girl at my work got me one of Victoria’s Secret’s new polishes!!! It just so happened the name started with a “B”, the letter I just so happened to be wearing at the time. I HAD to try it out.

I started with Julep’s Helen for my basecoat. This color is HORRIBLE on my skin. Definitely gave me dead hands. I’ll use it for basecoats only!


I just got this polish in my last Julep Maven box. I was really interested in Claudette that came with it and my instinct about this looking gross on me was right. Eek.

I then added Victoria’s Secret Backstage over top. My fingers were glowing!! I LOVED this! It was so gorgeous!! I tried Victoria’s Secret top/base coat as a basecoat with this polish and unfortunately big pieces of polish ended up pulling up in a couple of days. I’ll definitely be using this glitter again!



I apologize for the messy pictures, I totally forgot to get pictures of this cleaned up. I wanted to get it in the sunlight but have been working like crazy and totally forgot. Hopefully the polish gods forgive me.

I have my “C” colors ready to go but I don’t want to overwhelm you with too much Coral so I’ll let this beautiful glitter mani set in before I post my “C” polishes!!!

I hope everyone is having a great week so far!!



My Quest Continues…

I, of course, jumped on the Zoya 3 free polishes that went on at the beginning of the month. I went ahead and did the free shipping on orders of $25+. I made sure that I included their base and top coat!

A couple of days ago I tested the base coat, Dita, Crystal, and the top coat. Now, I will say the top coat seems to have worked really well on Crystal. I have very little tip wear on it. However, on Dita I had tip wear the night I painted it. So frustrating. I’m beginning to wonder if I’ll ever be able to get 3 days out of my mani’s…

Here are the beauties! I LOVE LOVE LOVE Crystal.



Dita is a pretty berry color. I thought it may be more red than what it came out. Crystal is a full coverage glitter. It’s base glitter is a pretty blue and it has gold flecks through out it. It’s gorgeous!!

I’m testing the top coat again in hopes that it was just a fluke. Haha! I’ll have another one or two of my Zoya polishes to post in the next day or two! Woo!


Fall Nails!!!

This was my first attempt at a Fall Mani. I did this a couple of weeks ago and unfortunately I don’t remember all that I used. I know I used a Wet-n-Wild gold glitter that I got in a group of minis, a dark blue Julep, and a Pure Ice red. I’m sure both of the oranges were Sinful Colors… I think. The yellow was Avon Nailwear Pro. Haha! Guess I do remember!!

Here’s what I started with as my base.


This really is a nice light gold glitter from Wet-n-Wild. I was pretty impressed with it!

Then I added both blue and orange dots. I attempted to do a gradient dot that I saw on someone’s blog, sorry I can’t remember who. So I did big dots at the top and smaller ones toward the bottom of my nail.


Some of the dots on my dominate hand came out the same size… haha! I’m lame when working with my non-dominate hand, see proof below.


I felt like I needed an accent nail that would reallllly bring the Fall season into this mani. So I made my way over to Google… And as always I ended up on Tumblr looking through all the posts that fell under the search “Fall Mani”. The only thing I really came across that soon after Halloween was a branch with colored leaves on it. So here’s my version.

Sadly I do NOT have a brown polish. Light brown, medium brown, dark brown, creme brown, jelly brown, glitter brown… None of them!

Here it is all together.


The top one is my left hand, the non-dominate hand, and the bottom one is my right hand, the dominate hand. Just so you can see both and know I’m human and not a super awesome nail arter (not a word!)

Annnnd….. All cleaned up a few days later.


I used the Revlon Moon Mist polish I was soooo excited about…. It was a slight disappointment, wait I was actually really disappointed. I’ll post about it tomorrow. Until then, I hope you all enjoy your day!!


It’s an obsession… New polish, makeup update, and new hair!!!

Ok, I was out to dinner with the bf last night and didn’t want to go home so afterwards I decided to stop by Walmart. My haul is ridiculous… No seriously!!! It’s insane… Here goes:

I found these awesome double polish Revlon things called Moon Dust… Couldn’t decide on just one… I got 5!!!

Cosmic – a dark gray polish and a yellow toned flake.



Universe – a dark brownish red polish with gold flakes.



Supernova – gray polish with light pink flakes



Satellite – dark red polish with bright pink flakes



Orbit – dark purple polish with purple flakes.



Vegas Strip – Green with gold/yellow glitter, tons of glitter!!!



Strapless – beautiful blue with what looks like silver and blue glitter



Draped – this is a gorgeous bright pink that is part of the Pure Ice Velour collection.



Poker Face – orange with gold and green glitter. Tons of glitter!!



Spitfire – clear base with tons of pink microglitters and holographic hex’s!!!



Armed and Ready – I can’t decide in the bottle if this is an olive green or more of a gray and it has a folder glimmer to it. It’s gorgeous!!



Wrapped in Rubies – a gorgeous dark red with a golden glimmer. So pretty!



I want to try them all RIGHT NOW!!! However, I did this real cute mani just yesterday!! I’m still half-tempted to take it off and put something new on!!!

I guess I need to start swatching…


P.S. I got my first ever makeup case. I cleaned up and counted my pigment eyeshadows…. 82 different ones in total!! Geez! What’s wrong with me?!

P.P.S. I also got my hair cut and colored yesterday! I love love love it!!!!