Alphabet of Polishes – C

I was sooo excited to get to the letter “C” because I had just recently gotten Claudette in my Julep Maven box and I really wanted to try it out!! Not to mention it is a reddish color and Valentine’s Day was coming up.

I have 2 different “C” mani’s to show you. The first one is with Julep’s Claudette and 2 of Julep’s loose glitters, red and silver. The red glitter was really pretty until I topcoated it and then it got a little weird.


The red glitter looks almost clumpy, like it soaked up ALL my top coat. Note to self, fully think out mani’s so that I don’t end up with red polish showing under my silver glitter. POLISH FAUX PAS!!!! I got tons of compliments on this mani and I am in love with Claudette!

The second mani I have is with Julep’s Courtney and Essence’s Chic Reloaded and OPI’s Nothin’ Mousie Bout It. I put Courtney on my thumb, middle, ring, and pink finger; it’s a perfect green for spring and really put me in the mood for warmer weather (ask Ashtree, that’s incredibly hard to do!!). I then put Chic Reloaded on my pointer, only one coat, and layered 3 layers of Nothin’ Mousie Bout It over it. I wore this for Valentine’s Day, I loved that it wasn’t your traditional red, pink, or white.



I don’t have much to say about this except I’m going to use the crap out of that green! I love it!!!

I am testing out HK Girl top coat from Glisten & Glow. I can’t wait to let you all know how it works out. I know Danette from No Bottle Left Behind loves it! Look for that “review” with my letter “E” manis.

So as you can see above, I’ve already moved on to “E” with my letters. The Internet has been giving me fits so expect another alphabet post in the next day or two showcasing the letter “D”. I sounded like Sesame Street!! This post has been brought to you by the letter “C”.



Alphabet of Polish – “B” is for ball and Baltimore

I hate to start this post off negatively but I’m going to have to. I am so disappointed in Julep’s new Freedom topcoat. I was so excited to try it with all it’s build up however I was left feeling extremely disappointed.

I did my nails on Wednesday evening. Thursday early afternoon I had to take my daughter to the doctor while there I looked down and saw that 3 of my nails had chips on them. Then I reached into my back pocket and a big chunk of polish lifted off my ring finger.



So, I came home and did some patch work. Fixed the chips the best I could and did another 2 layers of topcoat in hopes that this would protect my mani until the Super Bowl.

Here’s the mani:


This is my 49ers hand. I used Essie’s Good as Gold for my base and then added Julep’s Petra on top to do my Saran Wrap technique.


This is my Ravens hand. I used China Glaze’s White on White for my base and I put Sinful Colors Let’s Talk on top to do my Saran Wrap Technique.

Now obviously this is before cleanup, so for that I apologize. I did have some issues with taking my base layer off as well. This has been a rather frustrating mani. On my middle finger accent I used Revlon’s Hot for Chocolate and China Glaze’s White on White for my football laces.

Here it is all cleaned up.


As you can see in my Ravens hand, my thumb now has a big chip and the Freedom topcoat has caused enough shrinkage to lift my polish. I just can’t believe how disappointing this topcoat is

Unfortunately because of the issues I have with this mani I’m going to have to change it before the Super Bowl even comes on.

My quest continues for my perfect topcoat. Coming up next… “C”… What to do, what to do?


Alphabet of Polish – “A” is for Armed and Ready and Annie

So, I’ve been lacking nail ideas lately. I decided I would go through the alphabet with my nail polishes, using either the name of the polish or the actual color. Today I have 2 “A” polishes for you.

The first “A” polish I have is Essie’s Armed and Ready. This is a gorgeous color in the bottle, an olive green with gold shimmer. So cute. However, it didn’t translate to the nail as pretty.




While I liked Armed and Ready I wanted to at least get 1 good blue mani in before the end of January. I supported Julep during their January Blues for Human Trafficking Awareness but I wanted my nails to support it too. So I used Annie from Julep and Essie’s Good as Gold for the accent feather.



I absolutely love Annie and I got tons of compliments on it. However, I am coming to realize how horrible I am at doing ANYTHING with my left hand. The difference is pretty disgusting. I guess I need to find some left hand training exercises so that it can be a little smarter! Haha!

Before Sunday I will be posting my “B” nails, they of course work out for the Super Bowl! I tried Julep’s new Freedom TopCoat. I was sooo excited for it. However, I painted my nails last night and today had 3 nails that has chipped. I found a way to touch them up and am trying the topcoat again, I hope it works…


Here I am… Still alive, I think

Ok, so I’ll start with an apology. Work is insane. I’ve been working 12 hours days. Which is really like 14 hour days because I have a 45 minute drive to work. I quite literally come home around 4am, check out the blogs I love, fall asleep around 5am, am back up at 7am to get my daughter on the bus, head back to sleep until 11am, and am leaving for work by 130pm. It’s insane. That’s what I get for working in online retail. Horrible!!!! So I sincerely apologize for my absence and lack of posting.

Ashtree and I are working on our Liebster Award stuff. Just waiting on the last couple sets of questions and we should be able to get it posted! It’s so exciting being nominated for something so awesome!!! Really inspiring.

On to what you all came here for… My next adventure in stamping. I must say this time worked out much better than the first attempt. I’ve actually worn this since Saturday!

I started with my new polish from my Julep box! It’s a dark red, reminds me of ruby, with a silver shimmer, called Petra. I love this color! It’s gorgeous! Then I had my daughter search through my stamping plates for snowflakes. We found the closest thing and I stamped with an Avon light blue, I’m in bed and can’t remember the name but if you want it ask and I’ll hunt it down! This polish worked better than my special stamping polish… What a waste!

Here it is!



And a cleaned up version, technically 6 days later… A little tip wear but other than that it still looks good!


I hope everyone is having a great holiday season so far! It feels really weird to not have snow on the ground in Ohio. I mean it has hit close to 70 lately. The weather is not allowing me to get into the right Christmas mood… I’m lost. And haven’t done shopping! Ack!


Cyber Monday Haul

Seriously got 2 of the best deals EVER today!!! I got Julep’s Cyber Monday email late last night when I got off work. I immediately went and started looking!! I ended up with Melanie from the It Girl collection and Sofia from the Bombshell collection. I got $14 off, the Maven price, free shipping and a free iPhone case for………. $8.40!!!!! What an awesome deal!!!

Then…. Then I got Ulta’s email… Butter London’s buy 2 get 1 free!!! What a perfect time to try them out!!! I wanted so badly for them to have Two Finger Salute but alas they did not. I had been hearing awesome things about West End Wonderland so I picked that up. Additionally I got Willis and Toff. Random colors I felt like I didn’t already have!!! I still needed roughly $7 to get their free cosmetics bag with 15 free samples. I had read some blogs on Essence nail polish so I decided to give those a go since they were only $1.99 each. I got Chic Reloaded, Space Queen, Grey-t to be Here, and Walk on the Wildside. Then as I’m checking out I’m told I get my choice of another freebie!!! A 3-piece fragrance sampler or a skin care sampler. I choose the fragrance sampler since I have such a hard time finding scents that don’t end up stinking on me, weird body chemistry. All this for under $39!!!!!!

I’m so excited to see everything!!! However, I sent it to my super supportive SO. I’m thinking I’ll have him wrap it and make it a Merry Christmas to meeee!!!!

What did y’all get today!?!?


Fall Nails!!!

This was my first attempt at a Fall Mani. I did this a couple of weeks ago and unfortunately I don’t remember all that I used. I know I used a Wet-n-Wild gold glitter that I got in a group of minis, a dark blue Julep, and a Pure Ice red. I’m sure both of the oranges were Sinful Colors… I think. The yellow was Avon Nailwear Pro. Haha! Guess I do remember!!

Here’s what I started with as my base.


This really is a nice light gold glitter from Wet-n-Wild. I was pretty impressed with it!

Then I added both blue and orange dots. I attempted to do a gradient dot that I saw on someone’s blog, sorry I can’t remember who. So I did big dots at the top and smaller ones toward the bottom of my nail.


Some of the dots on my dominate hand came out the same size… haha! I’m lame when working with my non-dominate hand, see proof below.


I felt like I needed an accent nail that would reallllly bring the Fall season into this mani. So I made my way over to Google… And as always I ended up on Tumblr looking through all the posts that fell under the search “Fall Mani”. The only thing I really came across that soon after Halloween was a branch with colored leaves on it. So here’s my version.

Sadly I do NOT have a brown polish. Light brown, medium brown, dark brown, creme brown, jelly brown, glitter brown… None of them!

Here it is all together.


The top one is my left hand, the non-dominate hand, and the bottom one is my right hand, the dominate hand. Just so you can see both and know I’m human and not a super awesome nail arter (not a word!)

Annnnd….. All cleaned up a few days later.


I used the Revlon Moon Mist polish I was soooo excited about…. It was a slight disappointment, wait I was actually really disappointed. I’ll post about it tomorrow. Until then, I hope you all enjoy your day!!