Alphabet of Polish – D

Time for my “D” polishes!!! Woo!!! I did really like both of these manis. I got a ton of compliments on the second one I’ll show you. Before I overload you with pictures I want to let you know that this “Alphabet of Polishes” has really been fun and frustrating. What in the world am I going to do for letters like “K” or “X”. O boy…

On to my first “D” mani… I used Julep’s Donna and Pure Ice’s Draped. Draped is one of Pure Ice’s matte finish polishes they had out around the holiday. I love it!! I left it with a matte finish for this mani.



I really like Donna. It’s a n interesting blue color I got during Julep’s sale that supported Human Trafficking.

I had some serious bad luck with my car while I had this mani on. Now I’m not saying it’s the polish but… If the shoe fits. Haha! Anyway, I got a flat tire on the highway, my second one this month! Stupid low-profile tires. They’re killing me. I had to sit on the side of the highway waiting for my Mom to come pick me up and for the tow truck. My Mom finally got there, I called the tow guy and we were on our way. I had to get something out of my Mom’s trunk for her on my way to her car and this happened…

Not only is this ugly but it hurt!! It hurt bad!! Ugh! Had to cut all my nails down so they would match. The tips of my fingers were so sore and my fingers look so fat with short nails!

For my second “D” mani I did dots. Of course. I used Zoya’s Ginessa as my base coat. This is a really shimmery white color. I wasn’t sure what in the world possessed me to get this color but I actually really liked it. It really made my dots pop! For those dots I used Julep’s Bethany, which is a gorgeously bright orangish pink. I love it as well. I can feel a lot of use in summer coming with this color! I got tons of compliments on this mani. For some reason no one believed I did the dots myself.


Sorry for the messing pictures. Sometimes I forget to retake my pictures after I’ve bombarded Ashtree with my art! 🙂

“E” was difficult. I had Evangeline from Julep’s mystery Cupid box I recently got and was excited to use it. The second “E” mani was much more difficult. But I made it easier with a trip to Ulta! Yay! Look for my “E”‘s in the next couple of days!!



Stuff n’ mani

1. My previous mani (the red and matte black) lasted 4 days before I chipped one big time. Which I was okay with because I was ready to do my nails again.

2. I have read a few reviews and now have used Orly’s Bonder base coat 3 times.  These are a couple bad things I read: stains nails, doesn’t prevent staining, causes nail peeling, and lacks staying power.  With that noted, I have had none of those problems.  My nail peeling has actually stopped, I haven’t had any staining problems, and with the right top coat (aka … not seche vite sadly) it has led to my longest lasting mani. So this is a prime example that each person has their own chemistry and some products work well while others do not.

3. Husbands choice mani.  I couldn’t decide, so husband told me what colors and what to do.  I love it.. it’s very circus-y, spring-y, and fun.  I don’t really think it requires too much explanation, different colors with the other colors polka dots. I just used various sized dotting tools.  Stuck with the Bonder base and Polishield top coat.   Pictures are not great but you get the point.


My cat photobombed me. 😀 haha

4.  Sometime in the next several days, I will be swatching 5 new polishes I bought.  3 of them were on clearance and just colors I needed, and the other two are brand new awesomeness.  Keep an eye out!

Much Love

❤ Ashtree ❤

Turkey Day Nails

I am not that great at the whole painting stuff on my nails just yet so I had a big decision on what to do for Thanksgiving. I wanted to do a turkey face and then red, yellow, and orange nails on my other nails. I don’t have an opaque enough orange to do the beak so I skipped that.

Here’s what I came up with.

I started with Revlon’s Hot for Chocolate and the. Added dots in Sinful Colors Cloud 9, Avon Nailwear Pro in yellow (I can’t remember the exact name), and Pure Ice in a red (I can’t remember this name either but if you want to know I could pull it back out)

I’m not sure what possessed me to only take 1 picture of this but that’s all I got!

Later today I’ll post about the Moon Mist polish like I promised!