First Attempt At Stamping

DSC_0285 DSC_0282 DSC_0287 DSC_0286

I’m officially addicted. I will be stamping like crazy in the upcoming weeks but this is my first ever attempt.  I think it turned out really well.  🙂

❤ Ashtree ❤


Here I am… Still alive, I think

Ok, so I’ll start with an apology. Work is insane. I’ve been working 12 hours days. Which is really like 14 hour days because I have a 45 minute drive to work. I quite literally come home around 4am, check out the blogs I love, fall asleep around 5am, am back up at 7am to get my daughter on the bus, head back to sleep until 11am, and am leaving for work by 130pm. It’s insane. That’s what I get for working in online retail. Horrible!!!! So I sincerely apologize for my absence and lack of posting.

Ashtree and I are working on our Liebster Award stuff. Just waiting on the last couple sets of questions and we should be able to get it posted! It’s so exciting being nominated for something so awesome!!! Really inspiring.

On to what you all came here for… My next adventure in stamping. I must say this time worked out much better than the first attempt. I’ve actually worn this since Saturday!

I started with my new polish from my Julep box! It’s a dark red, reminds me of ruby, with a silver shimmer, called Petra. I love this color! It’s gorgeous! Then I had my daughter search through my stamping plates for snowflakes. We found the closest thing and I stamped with an Avon light blue, I’m in bed and can’t remember the name but if you want it ask and I’ll hunt it down! This polish worked better than my special stamping polish… What a waste!

Here it is!



And a cleaned up version, technically 6 days later… A little tip wear but other than that it still looks good!


I hope everyone is having a great holiday season so far! It feels really weird to not have snow on the ground in Ohio. I mean it has hit close to 70 lately. The weather is not allowing me to get into the right Christmas mood… I’m lost. And haven’t done shopping! Ack!


First Stamping Attempt… Horrible, just horrible

This will be quick because one I’m doing this on my phone and the uploads are weird… Or I can’t figure them out and 2 I just had a long trip to CO that included my first flight ever and a road trip back to OH with Ashtree and I have to head back to work tomorrow. Woo!
So, I had purchased some stamping plates. I love them. However, they are pretty intricate and I’m a total noob! I wanted to do a pink manicure for Breast Cancer Awareness month. I lost my Granny to breast cancer 16 years ago.
I used Essie’s lovie dovie. It’s a baby pink. I had to use 3 coats. It was a thicker polish and when I did the second coat I had some bare spots. 3 coats was perfect. Then I topped it with Seche Vite because I read that you could wipe off any mistakes if you top coat your polish. It didn’t work for me but I very well could be clueless. After the top coat I used konad’s white “special” polish with a stamping plate I got on amazon from cheeky. The detail of the stamp came through on my left hand but I couldn’t seem to get the placement right as you can see in the pictures. My right hand is ridiculous! Not only am I off on the placement but this hand got smudgy!
All in all these were human error nothing to do with what I used. I love the idea, all the different things I see others doing but I definitely need to keep practicing.
Side note: I’ve painted my nails twice since getting home today at around 2…. I’m leaving this crap on for work tomorrow! Rock on, Nail Girl, Rock on!!!